Welcome to TaxTransparency.ie!


Here you can get a calculation of the taxes you pay on your income as well as a breakdown of how your taxes are spent by the government in simple euros and cents.

You can see what you will pay in total this year to the government in taxes on your earnings – but just as importantly – how the government is allocating this money across government departments and priorities on your behalf.

TGo to the Tax Transparency Calculator!ax Transparency is about informing people in a proactive way about how the government spends the money it collects from citizens to run the country.

The government has a responsibility to let people know how it is spending their money; they can then make their own judgements after that.

By including people in the debate – giving them the relevant details – Tax Transparency empowers individuals to become involved in the debate, leading to more informed choices and, hopefully, better outcomes. The more informed and involved the citizen, the better the politician they elect.

Open government means good government. Transparency must be at the center of everything we do.

For Eoghan’s speech on Tax Transparency in Dail Eireann, click here. For video of the full second stage debate last November, including the response from Minister Noonan, click here.

The breakdown of figures produced by the calculator is an approximation and has been calculated based on figures (gross voted) provided by the Department of Finance, in conjunction with information contained on the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform’s website.